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Hi! Welcome to look_sharp, a community for sharing the hot, hot manlove to be found between the lines of the musical/movie 1776.

Your moderator is kerrypolka; email her at silver_queen1013@yahoo.com with any questions.

A few quick rules to get us started:

1. Pretty much anything goes. Fics, pics, art, questions, comments, stories...as long as you created it, and it's related to the musical or movie, it's okay.

1b. This does not include actor-RPS. Although we're walking a pretty thin line already, this community is about the Founding Fathers (and their hot dirty sex lives), not Brent Spiner or Howard Da Silva (and their hot dirty sex lives).

It gets a little blurry here (like, I think that a gen fic set backstage would be kind of cool now that I think about it), but basically we want to keep it to the 18th century.

2. Put creative works behind an LJ-cut. Fics, screencaps, fanart, whatever. Lots of people have tiny tiny bandwidth and awful connections. They've suffered enough. Protect them with your lj-cut.

3. Discussion of the actual Founding Fathers is acceptable but vaguely discouraged. Vaguely. Because the characters in the musical/movie were based so heavily on the real people, it's hard to draw the line. 60-65% of the dialogue and lyrics were taken from actual correspondence, notes, and diaries. So, talking about the actual men is perfectly fine, but we're trying to keep this community centered on the musical/movie.

4. Every post has to have some 1776-related content. If you want to talk about your other (so fabulous!) community, you have to include some other 1776 material, like fics or fanart. Think of it as buying pimp time.

5. Play nice. Do I even have to say it? No flames. Flames will get you banned faster than a really fast thing. If you're a hardcore Dickinson fan who thinks Adams is an obnoxious jerk? Southern belle who can't stand those brash, uncultured New Englanders? Say it, Be nice about it. Explain why. No caps lock allowed.

6. An active community is a happy community! Why join if you're not going to be involved? Even little things, like "Damn! Did you see that look Rutledge threw Jefferson during 'Sit Down, John!'?" are awesome and cool and wanted. Rambling and ranting is not only accepted but encouraged (to a certain degree. See point 5 above).

Mod: kerrypolka
email: silver_queen1013@yahoo.com